IN-PERSON_Designer Bangle Workshop_


Immerse yourself in the artistry of wearable design at our exclusive Designer Bangle Workshop, guided by the renowned Lyne Tilt. Uncover the secrets behind Lyne’s mesmerizing infinity designs and delve into the craft of crafting personalized bangles. Utilize professional-grade polymer clay, exquisite paint veneers, and Lyne’s original digi-papers to bring your wearable art vision to life.

Upon arrival, kickstart your creative journey with a delightful coffee from Reverends cafe. As you indulge your artistic senses, savor a delicious lunch featuring sumptuous dumplings from Fat Dumpling. To add a touch of celebration to your artistic endeavor, enjoy a complimentary afternoon glass of wine.

Join us for a day of creative expression, where you’ll not only refine your wearable art skills but also relish in a curated culinary experience. Elevate your style, create unique pieces, and make lasting memories at our Designer Bangle Workshop – a perfect blend of art, indulgence, and exclusive craftsmanship. Secure your spot now for an extraordinary day of creativity and delight!