Kurilpa Reach


Kurilpa Reach is gearing up for their biggest tour in years to celebrate the release of their debut album, ‘Our House On Home Street’. Off the back of a successful tour through New Zealand at the beginning of 2023, they are now hitting the east coast of Australia backed by some incredible support bands to celebrate their biggest release yet.

This album is a culmination of over 5 years of songwriting and musical development from the band. This album features a variety of different styles of songs, ranging from 8 minute dub and psych rock inspired epics, to hard hitting ballads, bombastic reggae tunes and everything in between. In this way, it’s indicative of the Kurilpa Reach sound – hard to define, but impossible not to enjoy.

Kurilpa Reach has never been afraid of doing things differently, and the breadth of this album demonstrates their ability to create genre bending tunes that can capture any audience. Most importantly, the incredible production of this record has been essential in capturing the live energy of this band, for which they have become known for playing shows and festivals all across Australia since 2017. Featuring a heavy hitting drum and bass duo, dueling guitars floating between lead and rhythm sections, dreamy horn lines, powerful synth grooves and sprinkles of percussion to tie it all together, this album has somethihttps://tickets.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/2359927e-11ae-4207-a913-05a6cbd15c87?utm_source=TheZoo&utm_medium=EventFeed