Lang’s Lounge – Dungeons and Dragons


We are Rolling Rogues! We introduce this wonderful hobby to people totally new to it. Learn to play the collaborative storytelling game Dungeons & Dragons, meeting up in realspace to chat, imagine, thrill, and laugh as we all make stories together.
Our “Courage & Chaos” series kicks off each year with a simple introduction to D&D, followed by fortnightly sessions around the table. After you graduate from that party, you will be ready to play D&D anywhere, with anyone!
Our pub meetups are a great way to meet new friends, form your own parties, and build experience beyond the beginner level.
We occasionally host workshops for those who want to lead their own D&D party—the leader is called a Dungeon Master, and it’s easy to do. We’ll show you the way.
We actively include people of all kinds and promote a respectful attitude among all our players. We especially take pride in gender diversity—both in and out of character!