Guitarist, singer and producer, Philip John, brings the worlds of Jazz and Electronic together, performing improvised guitar over a self-produced live electronic set. As an ex-resident of the Berlin and Amsterdam music scenes, Philip has spent years refining his live show. Having now returned to his hometown (Meanjin) he continues to engage with the live music scene, both as a performer and an audience member. His current live set offers listeners a layered musical experience, one of lush and emotive harmonies, spacey synths, hypnotic rhythms and intense instrumental solos.

We say farewell to Juno (and hope she returns) Since graduating from the Quivr DJ School November last year Juno has gone on to be booked in many of the cities notable music spots like CYKS,BBL,Ruby, Percies, EB, Flying Colours. Her passion for choreography and dance has seen her music selections be influenced by her love of jazz and the nods to rhythms that makes her move. Here for her final set before heading back overseas Juno will be closing out the Thursday night until 10pm @doyouknowjuno.music