Do you feel like you’ve exhausted every possibility with your GelPlate? Do you have a stack of prints but unsure where to go next? Are you looking for fresh ideas and need to make stuff that feels good for your soul? Are you craving connection with other amazing creatives?

In PRINT & STITCH, Giovanna will guide you through a series of embellished applications to existing prints created with (or without) your GelPlate. You will enhance prints that you find unresolved or ready to push to extraordinary. By the end of this workshop, you will have a unique, embellished, dimensional print. You will have experienced a range of techniques that you can continue at home with confidence. Giovanna runs her workshops to allow you to spend more time with your own experimentation, and less time instructing. You will be shown a variety of methods to add to your prints, and then Giovanna will spend time with each participant to enable their individuality to translate to the finished piece. As always, Giovanna provides most materials and will leave you confident to continue experimenting long after the class is done.

**PREREQUISITE: You will have experience in working with the GelPlate or other monoprinting methods. You will have completed Giovanna’s previous classes and be a confident printmaker. You will have a stack of prints to bring to class.