Australia’s favourite party-starters, The Bennies, are set to shake things up on February 28th with the release of their latest track, Let’s Have A Party, and the announcement of a National Tour in April. 

Let’s Have A Party marks a significant milestone for The Bennies as one of the first songs created with their current line up, which consists of Anty Horgan on Lead Vocals and Synth, SNES Mega on Turntables, Vocals, and Guitar, Ollie Wright on Lead Guitar and Vocals, and Nick Casalini on Bass. 

Anty reflects on the early days of creating the song, saying, “We were partying a lot while doing this, and it was just a magical time. However, waking up hungover every day and using this song as the first one to kinda get the mojo happening kinda felt like torture. Singing the chorus over and over again at 10 am while super super hungover is kinda the furthest thing from a party. This song always makes me think about those mornings and it makes me smile from ear to ear! You gotta work for the party; nothing comes easy, especially the good times!”